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  • Katie Schexnayder

7 questions you must ask your potential vendors before signing a contract

1. Can I see your references?

You should be able to get references from family and friends and your wedding planner/coordinator, if not you are always welcome to ask the vendor. They should supply them to you no questions asked.

2. Is my deposit refundable?

Although you don't plan to have the event be cancelled, you need to be prepared if you need to. Also, for budgeting it is good to know if you will receive you deposit back in a form of credit towards the bill.

3. What kind of Insurance do you have?

Check and see what kind of insurance the vendor or venue offers. See if it makes sense to invest in your own insurance policy to cover crises/disasters.

4. Do I own my images?

This topic is becoming more and more important as photographers change their packages and the way they deliver services. It is important to always ask your photographer if the images will be yours. It would be inconvenient to have to pay for each image you print or send after already paying them to shoot the event.

5. Are there any change fees?

Do you have a weather backup plan and does it mean extra charges for moving the chairs/tables? Be sure to clear this up before signing the contract.

6. Do you use subcontractors?

What if you absolutely fall in love with a contractor and when the day comes, another shows up? Be sure to solidify if they use subcontractors.

7. What if you go out of business?

No one wants to be one of those brides on the news complaining how their vendor shut their doors and now she can’t get her dress, photos, flowers, whatever. Make sure there is a clause that explains that you’ll get a full refund if a business shuts its doors before the wedding, or that they’ll still supply you with your product if it’s after.

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