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Elopement Ceremony; Yay or nay?

There has been a shift in elopements over the past few years and they are gaining more traction. I've been getting a lot of questions about them and i'll run your through the 5 W's of Elopements. Stay tuned for our styled shoot at Delfosse Vineyards next weekend to visualize what an elopement could look like and asking vendors for special elopement rates.

What: What is an elopement ceremony? It is a small an intimate ceremony. This allows you to pick the most important people to share in a very intimate moment with the one you love. Usually guest counts can range from 0 to about 20.


For an elopement you get to pick who will be there, much like a traditional wedding, but you are able to be more selective. Want it to just be the two of you? Then make it just you two. Want to have just immediate family, mom/dad/brother/sisters, then you can do that too!


Why have an elopement ceremony? There are so many reasons, and most of them depend on your personal preference. Some reasons include;

- wanting to feel relaxed on your wedding day

- intimacy of just you and the love of your life

- budgetary confinements

- wanting avoid being in the spotlight for 100+ people

- family constraints


There are many venues that are picking up on the elopement capabilities. I have a few I can suggest if you'd like. You will need to have many vendors, much like a traditional wedding, but since the wedding is much smaller and manageable they are most likely to have a special discounted rate for you. With all of the same amount of vendors, albeit at a lesser cost, you want to still enjoy the day and not worry about setting up or when the dessert will be delivered, so I still recommend a coordination or planning service for your elopement.


Any time. This is the beauty of elopements. They can happen any time, any where. Just think of them as a fancier and well arranged dinner party with those closest to you.

Still curious, send me a note and we can talk through your wishes :)

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