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Tip Tuesday: To "First Look" or not to "First Look"?

If you’ve been engaged for a little bit you’ve probably been asked by your coordinator, wedding planner and/or your photographer if you will be doing a first look on your wedding day. If you haven’t been asked yet, you most likely will. So what is a first look? Put simply, it’s taking photos of you and your fiancé before walking down the aisle. If a first look is something you’ve not heard of before or you are thinking about it, here are some pros to consider.


  • You have a moment to calm your nerves before the ceremony.

  • if you are someone who is not used to being the center of attention, this might be a good option to have a moment and reset with each other before all eyes are on you!

  • You get more photos of you two!

  • after the ceremony there’s a lot of wrangling families for photos no matter what. If you decide on not doing a first look, this could eat into your time for portraits with you two.

  • Bridal party gets to “party” sooner!

  • After the first look there is time to get some of the bridal party photos out of the way before the ceremony, so after you two say I do they are able to go straight to the cocktail hour.

  • You still have that emotional moment, just privately.

  • you still have the emotions of the first time he/she sees you in your dress for the first time, but instead it’s just the two of you (and your photographer and coordinator of course). Additionally you get more photos of the reaction this way.

  • You have time to join your cocktail hour if you want to

  • You have a moment, just the two of you to be in the moment and to take it all in as a couple.

If you are worried about a first look taking away from you feeling extra special during the ceremony. TIP for this if you want to do a first look but are worried about this, is to hold something until just the ceremony, whether that be the veil or special shoes or something. keep something until the time you walk down the aisle.

Remember: There is no right or wrong way decision when it comes to a first look, do what feels right to you and your fiancé!



Owner & Lead Coordinator & Planner

NextAge Events

Alterations: Seams Alterations

Photographer: Kristen Camielle Photo

Dress: Annalise Bridal & Miss Hayley Paige

Event Planning: NextAge Events

Venue: Delfosse Vineyards and Winery

Donuts: Duck Donuts

Shoes: Betsey Johnson Blue

Rings: Diamonds Direct

Suit: The Groomsman Suit

DJ: E Entertainment RVA

#TipsTuesday #WeddingCoordinator

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