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  • Katie Van Schooneveld

Tip Tuesday: Dress shopping!

Last time, Beth spoke about her favorite details of wedding planning. For me (Katie), that would hands down... the dress!

When I was planning my own wedding, being the planner that I am, the details came easily. Going dress shopping was the moment I had been truly obsessing about (in a good way)! I couldn't wait to have "that moment" in the dress I was going to marry the man of my dreams in!

Here are some tips for dress shopping:

1. It is okay to go to multiple salons, but also if you find the one at the first place that is okay too!

I was lucky as I knew exactly the designer I wanted for my dress, I just needed to try on her dresses to see what fit my wedding day vibes the best! I knew where I was going immediately. I only had to shop at one store, but I know not everyone has that same experience.

If you think you have found THE dress and aren't ready to say yes, sleep on it and go back and try it on again. You'll know!

*fun picture of me after I said "yes" to the dress!*

2. Don't try to do too much in one day!

How fun is it to grab your Mom, Dad, MOH or whomever you love dearly to sip champagne and try on wedding dresses?! It's a very exciting day and will be a lot to take in. I recommend trying to limit your bridal salons to 2-3 to get the full experience without having to rush off to the next place.

3. Figure out what fits your body the best.

You know your body better than anyone. If you've never put on a wedding dress before, there are a ton of fits/styles that you may look at and love in a picture, but on yourself it just doesn't hit the same spots the same way.. thats okay!

Use every dress you try on, whether you love it or hate it, to figure out what does look good on you and what you feel the best in.

*this may not be an "instagram worthy" picture, but this was when I was sure this was the dress! also, thats my dad in the back ground :) *

4. Wedding Day location and season.

One thing to keep in mind is your wedding day destination. If you are getting married on a beach, a ball gown, although stunning, may not be the best fit for many reasons. Before going shopping, try to have in mind your location and season to find a dress that will keep you comfortable and on that dance floor all night!

Look for a future "Tip Tuesday" for after you've gotten the dress!

*photo by Kristen Camielle Photography

Thank you to Annalise Bridal for the best wedding dress shopping experience and to Seams Alterations for making it fit me like my own skin!

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