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Tip Tuesday: Dress part II - Alterations

Last Tip Tuesday, we got so many questions, we decided to make this a 3 part series on the dress. The dress part I - talked all about finding your dress and the process of dress shopping. You can find that post here,

For Part II, you've found your dream dress and after the long wait, you have it in your hands.. now what?

Let's talk about alterations!

You should allow about 12 weeks before the wedding day for the alterations process

Photo by Marshall Arts Photography

1. Pick your seamstress

Sometimes your dress salon will have a seamstress in house and will offer discounts, if this isn't the case, i'd reach out to friends and the facebook community to get recommendations. Once you have found the seamstress you'd like, don't be afraid to ask for a pricing estimate.

2. Schedule more than one fitting

You will most likely need more 2-3 fittings, before the wedding dress fits you perfectly. Do not be alarmed when you arrive for your second fitting and the dress isn't perfect. Little tweaks will need to be done before its perfect for your day.

photo by Marshall Arts Photography

Photo by Kait Winston Photography

3. Accessories

Make sure to take with you the shoes you will be wearing with your dress so that when hemmed up, it is perfect to the shoes you'll be wearing.

If you will be wearing a certain bra or undergarments with the dress, make sure to bring that too.

If you will be wearing a veil, bring that with you on your last fitting :)

Photo by Kait Winston Photography

4. Cost

The cost of the dress alterations can vary greatly depending on what you want done. The average alterations cost is between $250-500. Some alterations cost more than others. Think about the items you'd like done before you go. Do you want to have a bustle? (highly recommend so you can dance!!) Would you like a bra sewn into the dress instead of wearing a bra? Do you want special alterations to the dress like adding straps, reworking lace, or adding pockets? Keep in mind that certain dresses are more complicated to do simple alterations, so these alterations may run higher based on your dress. Be sure to let your seamstress know these items you'd like to get the best cost estimate.

On Part III I will be talking about your wedding dress on the day of your wedding!

Photo by DCP Wed

Photo by DCP Weds

Thank you to:

Photo 1:

Marshall Arts Photography

Venue: Virginia Cliffe Inn

Photo 2:

Kait Winston Photography

Venue: Bolling Haxal House

Photo 3 - DCP Weds

Venue: Delfosse Vineyards

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