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Tip Tuesday: Dress part III - The BIG DAY

Welcome to part III of the series on the dress! This is the day you’ve been looking forward to, finally getting to wear the dress and walk down the aisle. Here are a couple of tips to prepare your dress for the wedding day!

Photo by DCP Wed

Photo by DCP Weds

  1. Complete your final alterations - 2 weeks before wedding day. Bring your wedding shoes, under garments and accessories to ensure the fit and look is everything you want.

  2. Get the dress steamed professionally if it is needed - This will be done by your seamstress, but you can bring your veil and she will steam that too. Steam your gown ONLY if your gown needs it and the fabric can handle it! When traveling long distances with your gown, it may need to be touched up. If you cannot have it professionally pressed when you arrive at your location, make sure you use a white, flat sheet as a pressing cloth between the clean sole plate of your iron and your gown.

  3. Transport your gown in a vehicle where you can lay down the back seat. Your gown needs space as long as the gown with the train down.

  4. Have a small sewing kit on hand just incase!

  5. Apply perfume and hair spray before putting on your wedding gown as the mist from such products may cause stains. Use care in dressing to avoid staining your gown.

  6. Make sure to get a nice hanger to hang your dress from on the day! The photographer will hang your dress in a beautiful place and the hanger will top off the whole thing!

  7. Photo by Leigh Skaggs Photography

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