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Tip Tuesday: Stylish Sendoffs

Throughout your wedding day, you’ll have several opportunities to plan some fun entrances and exits! From the traditional and emotional walk down the aisle, to the grand send off at the end of the night, we have seen some couples do some fun things!

Photo by Marshall Arts Photography

Here Comes the Bride

Most brides tend to picture this moment over and over again in their heads when thinking about their wedding. Some couples choose to have that be the first moment they see each other that day. But even if you do a first look, it is still a magical part of your wedding day!

When helping brides plan their weddings, I always recommend having a processional song that is just for the bride. Maybe it’s a traditional piece, like Pachabel’s Cannon, or a sentimental favorite such as “Someday My Prince Will Come” from Disney’s Snow White like our bride from two weeks ago.

Some of our couples choose to include something fun for their exit down the aisle after the ceremony. Blowing bubbles, tossing rose petals or eco-friendly confetti can be a fun way for your guests to cheer you on as you take your first steps as newlyweds.

Photos by Meredith Sledge Photography

(Yes, that's me dancing my way into my sister's reception!)

Get the Party Started

Your reception entrance is the chance to not only shine the spotlight on the newlyweds, but the bridal party as well. Some couples will choose to introduce the parents as well as all of their attendents, and some will just introduce the bride and groom. Pick a fun, upbeat song that your wedding party will get into. The energy of the introductions can really set the mood for the rest of the night!

We recommend our couples going straight into their first dance from the introductions. It eliminates any awkward pauses or transitions that might happen without it.

Send off in Style

Do you need an official send off at your wedding? No. But does it make a difference? Absolutely!

It’s more than just a photo opportunity! It’s a great way to make sure your evening ends on a high note, with enthusiasm and love from your friends and family! From a logistic stand point it also helps to get your guests out of the reception space and headed home (which your vendors will appreciate!)

Before deciding on your exit plan, think through the logistics of set up and more importantly, clean up. Also, be warned that small items that are tossed may end up in places you don’t want them to be…. a friend of mine had bird seed tossed for her exit and it ended up down her dress and in her mouth. Yuck!

Here’s some ideas!

Photo by Meredith Sledge Photography

- Sparklers

I would say that the majority of our NextAge couples go with sparklers for their exit! This looks awesome in photos, if your photographer is staying till the end of the night. If you’re planning to use sparklers, please double check with your venue! Some do not allow sparklers. Also, make sure you provide a bucket to be filled with either sand or water to help extinguish the sparklers.

- Glow sticks

Same sort of impact as the sparklers, but without the risk of catching fire!

Photos by Turtle & Hare Photography

- Pom Poms

This was my absolute favorite exit that I’ve seen as a coordinator! It was unique to the couple, who are Alabama grads, and had a big impact for photos!

- Noise makers

- Confetti if you’re outdoors (make sure it’s eco friendly!)

- Ribbon & Bell Wands

Whatever you end up planning for your entrances & exits, NextAge Events is here to make sure it happens perfectly!

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