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Katie & Dave - 1 Year Wedding Anniversary May 26, 2019

Today my husband and I celebrate our 1 year anniversary! I cannot believe time has gone so very fast. I realize I haven't shared many details about the big day including pictures or the amazing wedding team we had, so today is the day! We had so many personal details that I want to share with all of you as well;

Dave and I got married at the stunning Delfosse Vineyards just south of Charlottesville. Delfosse is surrounded by mountains and trees making it feel like there is no other people than you and those there with you. They really make you feel at home there and we enjoy coming back to visit regularly. The vineyards are built terrace style going up the sides of the mountain, making for a picturesque one of a kind space.

Being the planner that I am, I had everything in place to try to maximize the time for the day. No matter how much you plan, the day still feels like it flies by! We started the wedding day with myself in the Farmhouse with all of my bridesmaids and Dave at the Cabin with all of his groomsmen.

Once my makeup and hair was finished I was ready to put on my dress. I invited my Mother In Law and my Bonus Mom to be a part of helping to put on my dress. This was very special for the three of us to share before my bridesmaids and dad got to see me.

I ended up doing a "first look" with my bridesmaids and my dad before seeing dave for our first look. This was such a special moment for all of us and i'm so glad we did it this way! I cannot tell you how proud I am to have these beautiful women in my life and honored to call them friends. My dad and I shared a special first look just the two of us right before he took me up the hill to see Dave.


Dave and I's first look :)


Personal details were very important to the both of us. We created a love lock guest book to mirror the one we clipped our own love lock on in Germany. Every guest signed a note and clipped it to the guest book and threw away the key. We love being able to look at that every day in our living room. We also DIY'd the vases for the reception by drinking a lot of wine in a year and spray painting them rose gold. Each had a single tulip to represent my favorite flower and where we got engaged in Holland. We also didn't want to go the traditional route on the dessert, so we opted for a donut display and a small cut cake (from Wegmans :) ). My bouquet and Dave's boutonniere are actually made of recycled paper *yay eco friendly* I got them both from a store that unfortunately is no longer in business, but the great thing is they are permanent and reside in our house to look at forever as well! Lastly, while on our engagement trip, we both purchased dutch wooden clogs, that we decided to wear for the first look. This actually turned out amazing since it had been raining, it kept our feet dry! Feel free to click on any of these photos for a larger view, its worth it I promise!


Our ceremony was so very magical. We kept the decor as simple as possible. We added free standing wooden doors to highlight the ceremony spot. It was raining when the ceremony music started, but the bridal party were champs and didn't let the rain phase them at all! I opted against the umbrella because I wanted to take in the whole moment and feel the rain on my cheeks as I walked. The beautiful thing about Delfosse is that on the hill it is completely silent and peaceful, all you hear is the music. For my processional song, I chose a piano rendition of "Lost Boy", which really brought on the water works, thank goodness it was raining already! I rounded the corner and saw Dave and just smiled from ear to ear. As we said our vows, the rain slowed to stop and the clouds opened up to let the sun shine down on us. It really felt like something right out of a movie!


Lastly, here are some highlights from our bridal party photos and the reception. To answer your question, yes we did our own choreographed line dance at the end of the night:

I want to also give a HUGE shout out to the most amazing wedding team out there! Thank you for everything!!!!!

Photography: Kristen Camielle Photography

Venue: Delfosse Vineyards

Coordination: Beth with NextAge Events

Dessert: Duck Donuts

Dress: Annalise Bridal & Hayley Paige

Alterations: Seams Alterations

DJ: E Entertainment RVA - Jasen Eastwood

Mens Apparel: The Groomsman Suit

Shoes: Betsey Johnson - Blue

Hair and Makeup by Amber Noll & her team

Bus: Easy Riders Bus Company

Rentals: MS Events Charlottesville


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