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  • Katie Van Schooneveld

Tip Tuesday: The Little Details

Details are one of my favorite things about wedding photos, all the details that you have put together mean something to you both as a couple, and it is always nice to have pictures to commemorate the little details you've decided on for your big day.

Kristen Camielle Photography

Here is a few tips:

* Make sure to get your ring professionally cleaned the week before your wedding! Some of the photographs are going to be focusing on the ring and will be detailed enough to capture smudges!

* Try to have your florals delivered before the photographer gets there so they can include your bouquet and boutonniere in the detail photos!

* If you have any ribbon on the florals, ask your florist to leave some spare ribbon for the photographer to shoot with the details as well.

Kait Winston Photography

* Keep a copy of your wedding invitation and save the date!

* If you wrote your own vows or notes to each other include those too!

* If you are planning to have a special perfume or cologne include that too!

* Feel free to include any of these as well, tie, grooms shoes, brides shoes, garter, earrings, bracelets, cufflinks, vows and veil

* Have all your details put together in a bag or box, so the photographers can grab this first thing when they arrive

Photos provided by Kristen Camielle Photography and Kait Winston Photography

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