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  • Coordinated by Katie

Ginay & Michael's Wedding

Kait Winston Photography

Ginay & Michael knows how to do a theme! They did an Alice in Wonderland theme and absolutely nailed it. They had their own tea party as well as the all the small details throughout their tables and decor that brought you back to the feeling you fell down the rabbit hole. Ginay's mother is German so they did the traditional sheet cutting, where both the bride and groom have scissors and cut out a heart to then jump through together, much like jumping the broom.



Guests: 100

Venue: The Earlyhouse

Alice in Wonderland, Fall

Dinner: Buffet by The Earlyhouse

Coordination by Katie




Venue: The Earlyhouse

Photography: Ashley Dorton Photography⠀⠀

Dress: Urban Set Bride

Florals: Floraworx

#WeddingCoordinator #RealWedding #FallWedding

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