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Tip Tuesday - Cake Alternatives

More and more couples are shaking things up by foregoing wedding cakes and choosing alternative desserts instead. Maybe you have a sweet tooth, but cake is not your thing. Or maybe, you just want a change from the traditional. Whatever your reason may be, here are some fun dessert ideas to get you started!

- Cupcakes - If you are on the fence about whether or not you want to have a traditional wedding cake, cupcakes are a great option that are sure to be crowd pleasers.

- Donuts/Donut wall

- Candy station

- Chocolate dipped fruit/pretzels

- Cake pops

- Pies

- Cookies, macarons, or petit fours

If you don’t love cake but want the opportunity to smash icing in your spouse’s face, I recommend getting a small cutting cake. This will also make for some really cute photos!

Dessert tables are growing in popularity nowadays, and the best part about these spreads is that there are no rules! Whether you choose just one type of dessert or have a variety of different sweet treats, a beautifully put-together dessert table can be the talking point of your wedding reception.

Bring in your personality by including a collection of your favorite desserts.

If you or your partner have any favorite cultural desserts, consider adding those in for a sweet touch. My husband is part-Italian so we had cannoli and pizzelles on our dessert table, along with an array of cupcakes and cookies.

Give your guests the option of taking their desserts to-go. These can also double as wedding favors! Grab some cute to-go boxes or pouches and make it personal by including a sticker or tag with your names and wedding date, or your wedding hashtag. My husband and I provided these takeout boxes at our wedding, and many of our guests still talk about how much they loved taking their desserts home to enjoy the next day!

The most important thing is to have fun with the desserts! Let your imagination flow and create something that is memorable to you and your guests. The possibilities are endless, and NextAge Events is here to help you bring your dessert dreams to life!

-Litta Paulson

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