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Tip Tuesday: Sparkler Tips

Who doesn’t love a classic, dazzling, sparkler exit? As evidence as above, I certainly do! As I chose to exit my own wedding amongst the shimmering lights, I think the exuberant atmosphere that sparklers create is a perfect way to end your big day! After thinking through all the fun exit options (by reading over an earlier blog post about tons of ideas!), if you decide to go with sparklers, keep in mind these top five tips in making your exit a success (and not catching anyone or anything on fire)!

Tip 1: Make a Plan. Discuss with your venue first to determine if using sparklers is even an option! The venue staff, and/or your wedding coordinator, may have a specific way they handle sparkler exits, so let them take control! They are the experts! We don’t want the bride, groom, or any guest having to wrangle guests and work a lighter after such a crazy awesome night. We want them to participate in the fun!

Tip 2: Size Matters. A quick Google search will yield several size and shape options for your sparklers. Here at NextAge, we always recommend the 20 inch sparklers. They aren’t too long, or too short, but they’re just right! They will last long enough to get that perfect exit photo that you’re hoping for, and they’ll extinguish well before your guests can get too crazy.

Tip 3: Don’t Go Overboard. To avoid having several extra boxes at the end of the night, make sure to order less sparklers than the number of guests you have attending. Grandma Rose and Great Aunt Mildred will most likely be asleep in their beds by the time you leave the party, so you will probably only need enough for about a quarter to a half of your guest count (depending on how many hard-core dancers you expect to still be on the dance floor!).

Tip 4: Be Prepared. There are several things that you may need to provide along with the sparklers

themselves. First, make sure you have at least two lighters, since you never know what might happen! Here’s an extra tip: Light just a few sparklers with the lighter, as most sparklers light better from touching the flame from a neighboring sparkler! Second, make sure to have buckets in which sand or water can be placed for putting out the sparklers. Galvanized buckets, like the one here from, are a perfect shape and size for the job!

Tip 5: Keep Your Distance. I speak from experience here when I say that when there isn’t enough space to the side or above the couple when sparklers are extended, disaster can strike. Cue the quarter-size hole in my old winter jacket because I decided it would be a good idea to walk behind the couple, taking a video, when guests didn’t know I was coming. Again, your coordinator or venue staff probably have an excellent idea of a good place to have the exit- a place with plenty of room to the side of the couple, which lets them walk through normally and not have to crouch down to their knees. Your photographer will work wonders, you’ll feel like you’re amongst the stars, and it will be a picture-perfect, and SAFE, finale to your day!

Here’s to hoping that you get the exit of your dreams, all while keeping everyone involved safe and happy!

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